FLC Confirmation

July 31, 2021


Confirmation is a very special time in the life of a young believer. It is typically offered to middle
schoolers from grades 6-8. Even though the child has been baptized and raised in the Christian faith and
learns basic elements of the faith along with bible stories, the time when the child is in middle school,
there is more focused instruction on the Bible along with Luther's Small Catechism. As Lutherans, the
Small Catechism is a handy tool book we use, which includes the Ten Commandments and their
explanations, the Lord's Prayer and its explanation, and the Apostle's Creed and its explanation. At the end
of these classes of 3 years, the teenagers affirm their faith (into which they were baptized), in front of
the congregation. They publicly make a statement of their Faith and that this faith that they were
baptized into as infants if live giving and important to them and that they are committing themselves to
walk in this Faith.

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