Root-Wilson-Kirkland Scholarship

Root-Wilson-Kirkland Scholarship The Mabel Root-Pat Wilson Scholarship Fund was instituted by two women who put money in a trust to be used for active members of First Lutheran Church who desire to pursue their education beyond the high school level.  The fund was started in 1954 by Oscar Root in memory of his sister, Mabel Clara Root.  When Patricia Wilson, an active member of First Lutheran Church, died in 1999, she added to that trust and committed that the income be used for scholarships for post-secondary education or post-secondary technical education of students who are active members of First Lutheran Church in Ottumwa, Iowa.  These women, through their established trusts and visions, have provided many young people a chance to further their education.

This Scholarship Fund was recently made a beneficiary by Pauline Kirkland in her Will.  Her generous gift of $100,000 was added to and invested with existing funds held in the Patricia Wilson Trust at the South Ottumwa Savings Bank.   On the recommendation of the Scholarship Committee, the Scholarship will reflect Pauline’s gift by adding her name  -  Root-Wilson-Kirkland. 

This scholarship is reserved for applicants who are active in First Lutheran Church, Ottumwa Iowa, and are limited to undergraduates & Seminary students. NOTE: Please mail in your completed applications. You may also scan and email a copy to the church. Contact the office for more details. 

Scholarship Application